Thursday, April 9, 2020

We Miss You!

Children of Edlington - You Are Awesome!


Today the pupils coming to Hill Top created a music video to send their support to all of the children of Edlington and to celebrate how wonderful you all are!
We hope that you enjoy it!
Miss Robinson

Special thanks to Mrs Dyer, Mrs Rogers and Miss Wood for helping to make the video and for providing a wonderful week in school for our children.


We all know how much Miss James loves Music.

She’s set you all up with a login to YUMU… which lets you access the music lessons we do in school at home.

Your login should be the first 3 letters of your first name, followed by the first 3 letters of your last name. The password for all of you is password.

For example

Roald Dahl = roadah

If this does not work, please try your full name with a 1 at the end.

Here is a link to the login in page, where you will login as a student.

Follow the instructions on the page and work through the steps like we would normally do in Music lesson.


Helpful Book

Good afternoon Year 2

It is nearly Easter Weekend, and we hope you are enjoying special time at home, completing creative learning... especially if it’s extra to the blog.

Some of you might be confused why we are still staying at home or even feeling worried. As we tell you at school, it’s ok to feel confused or worried.

The illustrator of some of our favourite books has released a brand new text! All to help you understand why we are at home at the moment.

We’ve attached a link to the book underneath. We hope you recognise some of the illustrations!

We hope this story helps you.

We miss you so much and are looking forward to seeing your smiley faces as soon as we can.

Miss James and Miss Elliott


Reading Challenge: 2

Reading Challenge 2

These pages are from the Chapter ‘Cook up’! George has already collected his ingredients from around the farm and is starting to heat the marvellous mixtures!

 Can you answer the questions below? 

Monday, April 6, 2020

Creative at Easter

Try not to eat too much chocolate this weekend!  

Easter eggs 2016: How much sugar in Cadbury, Thorntons, Nestle ...Happy Easter Easter Egg GIF - HappyEaster EasterEgg - Discover ...

Maths Week 3

Hello Year 2!

We hope you are keeping safe and busy at home. Below is the link to this weeks Maths learning. 

Extra Maths challenges for you and your family to enjoy! 

Friday, April 3, 2020

English: Week 3

Week 3

Good morning Year 2! 
We are missing you so so much and hope you are keeping safe at home.

Here is some more English for this week.

This week we are going to look at poetry.
What makes a great poem?

We are going to be learning to write our own silly poems this week which will include... 

·       Repetition
·        Rhyming
·        Imagery

Lesson 1

LO: To read and perform part of a poem

We are going to create our poems based on Michael Rosen’s ‘Don’t’

Read the poem below and listen to the link of the famous poet performing it.

Don't do,
Don't, do
Don't do that.
Don't pull faces,
Don't tease the cat.

Don't pick your ears,
Don't be rude at school.
Who do they think I am?
Some kind of fool?

One day they'll say

Don't put toffee in my coffee
don't pour gravy on the baby
don't put beer in his ear
don't stick your toes up his nose.

Don't put confetti on your spaghetti
and don't squash peas on your knees.
Don't put ants in your pants
don't put mustard in the custard
don't chuck jelly at the telly
and don't throw at a computer
dont throw fruit at a computer.

Don't what?
Don't throw fruit at a computer
Don't what?
Don't throw fruit at a computer

Who do they think I am?
Some kind of fool?


Can you read the poem out loud?
Choose your favourite stanza (section), can you re-read this section and try to memorise it?

Try echo reading with your grown up… it will help you remember!

Once you feel confident… choose your audience. Can you perform part of the poem?

Remember to use
·        A clear loud voice
·        Face the audience
·        Add expression

Lesson 2
LO: To find features of a poem

Re-read yesterday’s poem ‘Don’t’

What do you like about this poem?
Is there anything you don’t like about the poem?

Write your opinions of the poem in our home learning book or on a piece of paper.

What does rhyming mean?
Watch the video below for an explanation.

Task 1

In your home learning book can you find all the rhyming pairs in Michael Rosen’s

that – cat
school – fool

Task 2

Poem’s also contain lots of repetition.

Can you find a word or phrase in the poem that is repeated lots of times?

Record this in your home learning book. 

Lesson 3
LO: To write our own rhyming pairs

It can be quite tricky to write poems with rhyming words in, as there are different patterns and rhythms in different poems.

We are going to start off as simply as possible.

Task 1

Write a list of 9 nouns.

(A noun is a name, place or thing)


Task 2

Next to each noun, can you write another noun that rhymes with the first?

Remember a noun is a word that ends in the same sound.

chair – pear
bed – bread
coat – boat

Lesson 4
LO: To draft part of a poem

Time to put those rhyming pairs into phrases or sentences.

Re-read ‘Don’t’ from lesson 1.
We are going to try and fit our rhyming pairs into Michael Rosen’s poem.

Task 1

In your learning books can you turn your rhyming words into a sentence of a phrase that starts with don’t.

Try to group them in threes.

Don’t put pears on top of chairs,
don’t spread bread into the bed
and don’t use your coat as a boat.


Lesson 5
LO: To edit and re-write a poem.

Yesterday you put your rhyming pairs into short sentences and phrases.
Time to improve your learning and write your poem altogether.

How could you improve your poem?

1) Check your spelling with a dictionary or using the internet.
2) Use your best handwriting.

Time to do your best piece of writing.

Use Michael Rosen’s poem to start yours… and then be creative.

Miss James’s example
Don't do,
Don't, do
Don't do that.
Don't pull faces,
Don't tease the cat.

Don't pick your ears,
Don't be rude at school.
Who do they think I am?
Some kind of fool?

One day they'll say

Don’t put pears on top of chairs,
don’t spread bread into the bed
and don’t use your coat as a boat
What do they think I am?
Some kind of goat?

Try performing your poem to your family to make them smile!